Threat Database Fake Error Messages '888-391-6168' Scam Message

'888-391-6168' Scam Message

The phone number 888-391-6168 is used by scammers who created adware that shows a pop-up suggesting that 'Your computer might be infected with adware!' The message that directs you to call 1-888-391-6168 may claim that you have adware, malware and viruses on your system that puts your computer at risk because it aims to scare you. The 888-391-6168 scam message is facilitated by adware that may have entered your system through bundling with freeware installers that you handled via the 'Express' or 'Typical' option. The adware behind the 888-391-6168 pop-up message is not damaging by itself, but users who called the 888-391-6168 phone number received instructions to download remote access programs that gave scammers access to their system. Needless to say calling the 888-391-6168 number may result in data loss, and user credentials being stolen. If you are presented with the 888-391-6168 scam message, you might want to seek the help of a reputable anti-malware utility in removing the adware behind the 888-391-6168 pop-up.


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