Threat Database Browser Hijackers '888-262-9519' Pop-Ups

'888-262-9519' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '888-262-9519' pop-ups are associated with a well-known technical support tactic that may impersonate the Norton Security and anti-virus and security utilities. If the '888-262-9519' pop-ups are appearing on your computer, PC security analysts strongly advise ignoring their content and instead using a reliable security program to help with the removal of the '888-262-9519' pop-ups and any content associated with these unwanted messages. The '888-262-9519' pop-ups may be caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed on a computer. In some cases, a Trojan may be responsible for the '888-262-9519' pop-ups and other pop-up content on the user's computer. This family of PUPs may display a bogus system scan titled 'Norton Security Scan,' which claims that a large number of threats were detected on the user's computer. The '888-262-9519' pop-ups include this phone number so that computer users can call to receive 'technical support.' Remember that there is no truth to the '888-262-9519' pop-ups. The window containing the '888-262-9519' pop-ups is not scanning your computer and Norton, Symantec, Microsoft, or any other reputable company are not involved with the '888-262-9519' pop-ups in any way.

The '888-262-9519' Pop-Ups Hoax

The hoax related to the '888-262-9519' pop-ups is quite common and used to prey on inexperienced computer users. When computer users call the number included in the '888-262-9519' pop-ups, the person on the other end of the line will claim that their computers are severely infected with threats, and try to induce them to sign up for a technical support contract or purchase expensive fake anti-virus software. They also may try to gain access to your computer through a remote access software and obtain data such as your address and credit card number. Avoid providing any of this information (or calling the phone number in the first place!) The following is the full text of the '888-262-9519' pop-ups:

WARNING Your computer is at risk! The last scan found high risk threats on your computer. A comprehensive Norton security product can tbe used to remove these threats. We strongly recommend fixing these threats immediately, before data loss or identity theft, or other damage occurs. Call Support: 1-888-262-9519 FIX NOW

How PUPs Associated with the '888-262-9519' pop-ups may Enter a Computer

In most cases, the '888-262-9519' pop-ups may be caused by PUPs that are bundled with other software. Many programs do not disclose when they are installing other applications on the user's computer adequately. Because of this, when installing any software, you should pay attention to the installer's instructions and look out for any bundled content that is not related to the program being installed directly. If the 'Custom' or 'Advanced' installation options are present, which allow computer users to choose what is and isn't installed specifically, it's a good idea to use them. In general, computer users should seek to opt out of installing any Web browser toolbar or plug-in (the most common forms of bundled PUPs). These applications may be used to profit at the expense of computer users by scaring them into opting into expensive and unnecessary support services that do not provide any benefit. PUPs related to the '888-262-9519' pop-ups may cause a variety of other symptoms including the following:

  • PUPs related to the '888-262-9519' pop-ups may cause performance issues on affected computers, causing them to become slow and unresponsive.
  • The '888-262-9519' pop-ups may be just one of a large number of pop-up content that appears on affected computers. Computers affected by the '888-262-9519' pop-ups also may display numerous advertisements and fake error messages.
  • PUPs related to the '888-262-9519' pop-ups may cause problems with the affected computer's Web browser, causing redirects and performance issues. They also may make modifications to the affected Web browser's default search engine and homepage automatically.


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