Threat Database Browser Hijackers '877-646-9990' Pop-Ups

'877-646-9990' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may interrupt computer users and display advertisements for a bogus technical support service. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may make false claims, alerting the users that there are viruses and Trojans on their computers. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may make the claim that they are associated with Microsoft or with some security firm. However, there is no truth to any claims that the '877-646-9990' pop-ups are associated with legitimate PC security companies. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups are a known online tactic. Computer users are urged to avoid interacting with the '877-646-9990' pop-ups in any way or to call the phone number included in the '877-646-9990' pop-up. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups should stop appearing by closing the affected Web browser, and then steps should be taken to remove any components associated with these intrusive pop-up messages.

The '877-646-9990' Pop-Ups and Its Fake Technical Support Tactic

The purpose of the '877-646-9990' pop-ups is to scare inexperienced computer users so that they will believe that their computers are infected with viruses and Trojans. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups lie to the computer users, scaring them with ominous messages of virus and Trojan infections. In fact, in most cases, the cause of the '877-646-9990' pop-ups may be the worst thing on the affected computer, at least until the affected computer user allows the con artists to have access to their machines – in these cases, they may install threats themselves, often in the form of a fake security program.

The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may be caused by PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), which may be installed as Web browser extensions. However, certain websites may have poorly regulated advertisement content that may include messages similar to the '877-646-9990' pop-ups or these pop-ups themselves. If the '877-646-9990' pop-ups appear regardless of the websites you are viewing in your Web browser, this may be a signal that a PUP has been installed. PUPs associated with the '877-646-9990' pop-ups should be removed immediately with the help of a reliable anti-malware program that is fully up-to-date.

In most cases, con artists associated with the '877-646-9990' pop-ups may try to convince computer users to do the following:

  1. Con artists associated the '877-646-9990' pop-ups may try to convince computer users to disclose their credit card information as part of a payment of hundreds of dollars for this bogus technical support service.
  2. Con artists associated with the '877-646-9990' pop-ups may try to convince computer users to allow access to their machines through a remote desktop component or a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). Giving the con artists access to the affected computer may allow them to collect data, the user's email contacts (to continue spreading the '877-646-9990' pop-ups), and install threats and bogus security software.
  3. As part of the the '877-646-9990' pop-ups tactic, computer users may be urged to agree to some kind of extended protection package or other nonsensical, bogus technical support 'service.'

Problems that may be Related to the '877-646-9990' Pop-Ups

The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may be associated with various other unwanted symptoms. Apart from the '877-646-9990' pop-ups themselves, affected computers may become slow and unstable. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may not be the only pop-ups to appear on affected computers. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups may be accompanied by some other pop-up messages and redirects. Unwanted changes may be made to the affected Web browser settings, such as changing its homepage and default search engine. The '877-646-9990' pop-ups also may be accompanied by intrusive advertisements for other shady online services or software. Common advertisements similar to the '877-646-9990' pop-ups may include fake software updates or components and bogus security software or system optimizers.


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