Threat Database Browser Hijackers '855-912-7932' Pop-Ups

'855-912-7932' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The '855-912-7932' pop-up windows in your browser are generated by a browser hijacker on your PC, which may have disabled your protection against excessive pop-up display. Computer users should remain calm when a dialog box that says 'Warning: PopUps are enabled on your computer!' is presented to them. Pop-up windows and dialog boxes are used by trusted online stores and banking portals to provide additional information and ask for approval for operations related to your account. However, the '855-912-7932' pop-ups should not be trusted because the 855-912-7932 phone number is not operated by a legitimate computer support agency. The '855-912-7932' pop-ups may feature the label 'Positive Ad' in the top left corner and images with Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Firewall to appear trustworthy. Computer users should not be fooled by the '855-912-7932' pop-up alerts and avoid calling the 855-912-7932 phone line. Security authorities note that the 855-912-7932 phone number is registered to a non-existent residence at the Middlebury Township, Pennsylvania, USA.

Additionally, the 855-912-7932 phone is related to financial hoaxes aimed to make individuals believe that they owe thousands of dollars to a bailiff after a distant relative passed away. A browser hijacking application on your PC may use JavaScript to prevent you from closing the '855-912-7932' pop-up notifications. You may need to use the Windows Task Manager to close your Internet browser to put an end to the '855-912-7932' pop-ups. The browser hijacker linked to the 855-912-7932 phone number may use publicly accessible information like your IP address, Internet Service Provider, and browser type to provide the fake technicians on the 855-912-7932 phone line with data from your PC. Computer users should not allow uncertified technicians to manipulate their PCs remotely. Calling the 855-912-7932 phone number may result in data collection and financial losses that you can prevent easily by installing a reputable anti-malware application that can clean your hard drives.


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