Threat Database Browser Hijackers '855-637-3156' Pop-Ups

'855-637-3156' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Computer users that are presented with BSOD-styled pop-up windows from are infected with a browser hijacker. The pop-ups may resemble BSOD messages but are not legitimate, and you should not call the 855-637-3156 phone line to seek help. The 855-637-3156 phone line is not operated by certified technicians at Microsoft's HQ despite what you may be lead to believe. The browser hijacker may have entered your system via freeware bundles and work as a portable program that is set to run every time you open your browser. The browser hijacker may have included a task in the Windows Task Scheduler to enable its operations. Security analysts add that the browser hijacker may temper with the DNS configuration of infected users to simulate a blocked access to the Internet.

Calling 855-637-3156 will not solve your problems, and you may be invited to purchase a rogue security tool like Albinos Defender and pay for repairs you do not need. The uncertified technicians on the 855-637-3156 phone line may require remote access to your PC to convince you that you are infected with threatening software and play a video that shows a scan being applied on your PC that detects numerous threats. The 855-637-3156 phone number is registered for a small house in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. The computer support company operating the 855-637-3156 phone line is not legitimate. Security analysts remind users that a browser hijacking application displays the pop-up windows, and your browser may have its defenses lowered. The browser hijacker may have installed its executable in the Temp folder to evade detection and use JavaScript to prevent you from opening Web pages and bookmarks. You may need to download and install a trustworthy anti-malware program via a thumb drive to clean your machine and restore your Internet access.


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