'844-618-6744' Pop-Ups

'844-618-6744' Pop-Ups Description

The '844-618-6744' pop-ups are associated with a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). PUPs associated with the '844-618-6744' pop-ups may cause a wide variety of pop-up messages that may try to trick gullible computer users into paying for fake technical support services. These fake error messages almost always use technical jargon and pretend to be legitimate Windows error messages, including a phone number that supposedly connects the computer user to a technical support specialist. Once the affected computer users call this phone number, they may be at risk of identity theft as well as pay large amounts of data for a fake service. Avoid calling the phone number in the '844-618-6744' pop-ups, following any of the instructions during the call, or disclosing any information to the people responsible for the '844-618-6744' pop-ups.

The '844-618-6744' Pop-Ups and Its Unreliable Warnings

The '844-618-6744' pop-ups contain a message that seems to imply that they are associated with the Windows Blue Screen of Death (BsoD), the term that is used to refer to a typical Windows error screen that happens when Windows crashes. The '844-618-6744' pop-ups may state that threats have been found on the user's computer, alerting them that it is necessary to call the included phone number to receive technical support. This is a very common tactic with countless variations. Avoid following the instructions in the '844-618-6744' pop-ups and don't forget that there absolutely no legitimacy to any of these messages' claims.

The Information Provided by the '844-618-6744' Pop-Ups isn't Reliable

The '844-618-6744' pop-ups may claim that Windows has crashed, or try to convince the computer user that there was a fatal error caused by some threat. While some of these pop-ups may use elaborate messages that may be disguised to look like a real Windows BsoD, the '844-618-6744' pop-ups are not particularly elaborate, instead displaying a simple text message on a white background. These messages may contain bogus error codes to confuse computer users. The following is a typical example of these pop-up messages:

DO NOT RESTART BSOD : Error 333 Registry Failure of operating system - Host:
Blue Screen Error 0x000000CE

The '844-618-6744' pop-ups messages do not indicate that Windows has crashed, or there was any real problem on the user's computer. The '844-618-6744' pop-ups are designed to trick inexperienced computer users deliberately, forcing them to pay large amounts of money for fake technical support services. The following is a typical error message that may be associated with the '844-618-6744' pop-ups and similar tactics:

Windows Detected a Potential threat on your computer
Windows Security Essential wasn't able to block virus. Windows detected potential threats that might compromise your privacy or damage your computer. Error code: 0x8024402c, windows couldn't install the definition updates.

Common Consequences of Calling Phone Number Contained on the '844-618-6744' Pop-Ups

When computer users call the phone number contained in the '844-618-6744' pop-ups, the person who answers the call may try to convince them that they must pay for a technical support service. As part of this tactic, computer users may be required to disclose their credit card information (which will make them to lose money and put themselves at risk for credit card fraud and identity theft) as well as allowing the con artists to gain access to their computers with a remote desktop tool, supposedly to carry out maintenance. In fact, once the fraudsters gain access to the user's computer, they may try to install other threats, collect information, and attempt to spread the '844-618-6744' pop-ups and their associated tactics to computer users in the user's online contact lists. Because of this, you should avoid calling this phone number and, instead, remove the cause of these pop-ups, whether it is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or a website with poorly regulated advertisement content.