'844-576-0902' Pop-Ups

'844-576-0902' Pop-Ups Description

The '844-576-0902' pop-ups are associated with a known technical support tactic. If the '844-576-0902' pop-ups are appearing on your computer, ignore their content and avoid calling this phone number. If the '844-576-0902' pop-ups appear repeatedly on your Web browser, it is possible that an unwanted component has been installed on your computer, which is causing the appearance of the '844-576-0902' pop-ups and other unwanted content. There are numerous ways in which content linked to the '844-576-0902' pop-ups could have been installed on your computer. These include unwanted PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that may be bundled with software recently installed on your computer, or the presence of a Trojan that may be acquired from a corrupted email attachment. There are various fake error messages that may be linked to the '844-576-0902' pop-ups. The following are some of the messages that have been linked to the '844-576-0902' pop-ups:

IMPORTANT: Your computer may not be protected
Your personal data could be at risk. It is not advised to continue using this computer without making sure you are protected.

Windows Detected Potential Threat On Your Computer
Windows Security Essential wasn't able to block virus. Windows detected potential threats that might compromise your privacy or damage your computer.
Error Code 0x8024402c, windows couldn't install definition updates.
More Information & Support Please contact Help Desk +1(844) 576 0902 (Toll Free)

Due to the various inconsistencies in grammar and spelling, it is obvious that these messages are fake and not associated with Microsoft or their security software. In most cases, the appearance of these pop-up messages alerting you to call a phone number like the '844-576-0902' pop-ups, are associated with fake technical support services that try to convince you to pay large amounts of money for a fake technical support or anti-virus software.

How to Get Rid of the '844-576-0902' Pop-Ups

In most cases, if there is a component installed on your computer causing the appearance of the '844-576-0902' pop-ups, a reliable security program that is fully up-to-date should be able to detect it and help you remove it. However, in some cases, the '844-576-0902' pop-ups may be delivered by websites where the advertising content is poorly regulated rather than by a component installed on your computer. It is easy to tell the difference: if the '844-576-0902' pop-ups only appear when visiting a particular website, then the problem is almost certainly with that website rather on with your computer. If the '844-576-0902' pop-ups appear repeatedly regardless of the content being viewed, then this indicates an unwanted component that has been installed on your computer.

What may Happen when You Call the '844-576-0902' Pop-Ups Phone Number?

The main purpose of the '844-576-0902' pop-ups is to sell you useless products and services, as well as gaining access to your data and computer ultimately. When you call the '844-576-0902' pop-ups phone number, the person on the other end of the line may try to push you into paying for a fake and quite expensive technical support service. As part of the sales pitch, the con artists may try to obtain your credit card information or other data. This information may be used to take your money and identity, and charge your credit card with fraudulent debts. In some instances, victims have been asked to install remote desktop tools to allow the 'technicians' access their computer. Once the con artists gain access to the victim's computer, they may try to spread the '844-576-0902' pop-ups to the victim's online contacts. They also may try to install other threats on the affected computer.

Avoid calling the '844-576-0902' pop-ups phone number. If you have made the mistake of calling this number and giving the con artists access to your credit card details and computer, it will be necessary to take steps to safeguard your bank accounts and computer. Prevention is key when dealing with these hoaxes, which can be spotted easily with some basic education on how they work.