'844-576-0503' Pop-Ups

'844-576-0503' Pop-Ups Description

The '844-576-0503' pop-ups are bogus error messages that alert computer users that a virus, named w32.vrbat, has infected their computers. According to the '844-576-0503' pop-ups, computer users should call this phone number to receive 'assistance' immediately. Computer users should not call the phone number in the '844-576-0503' pop-ups. The person on the other end of the line may try to convince the computer users to expend money on a bogus technical support service, which may cost several hundred dollars. However, there is absolutely no legitimate relationship between the '844-576-0503' pop-ups and the Microsoft or any sort of computer security firm. Rather, computer users should ignore the '844-576-0503' pop-ups and remove any components installed on their computers that may be causing the '844-576-0503' pop-ups to appear.

The '844-576-0503' Pop-Ups Offer a Fake Technical Support

The main purpose of the '844-576-0503' pop-ups is to take money from inexperienced computer users. This is a well-known tactic that works by scaring computer users into paying for fake technical support services. Apart from compromising the computer users' credit cards and computers, these types of pop-ups may be linked to a variety of other problems on the user's computer. The '844-576-0503' pop-ups may be caused by the presence of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) on the user's computer. The '844-576-0503' pop-ups also may appear when computer users visit certain websites where the advertising content is poorly regulated. It is elementary to know which is the case: if the '844-576-0503' pop-ups are appearing on your Internet browser regardless of the content you are viewing, this indicates the presence of a PUP. If the '844-576-0503' pop-ups appear only when you visit a certain website in particular, then this may mean that the advertising content of the website you are visiting has a problem.

Dealing with the '844-576-0503' Pop-Ups

If the '844-576-0503' pop-ups are appearing on your computer, you should avoid paying for any technical support service or calling this number. This is a very common tactic that may be used to prey on computer users that have little experience with computer security. WhenPC users call the phone number provided in the '844-576-0503' pop-ups, they may be asked to participate in a free diagnostic of their computer, or to install some bogus security program. In every case, the computer users may be asked to pay for 'maintenance' by claiming to have found numerous supposed viruses and Trojans. More importantly, the con artists associated with the '844-576-0503' pop-ups may try to obtain remote access to the user's computer. When the con artists gain access to the user's computer, they may try to carry out the following harmful tasks:

  • The con artists linked to the '844-576-0503' pop-ups may try to disable real security software to install their bogus anti-virus program.
  • The con artists associated with the '844-576-0503' pop-ups may try to install other PUPs or even threatening software on the user's computer.
  • The con artists linked to the '844-576-0503' pop-ups may try to collect passwords and other information from the user's computer.
  • Using the computer user's email contact lists and social media contact information, the con artists may try to spread the '844-576-0503' pop-ups hoax to the computer user's online contacts.

Removing the PUPs installed on an affected computer will stop the '844-576-0503' pop-ups from continuing to appear. These PUPs may appear in the form of Web browser extensions or add-ons installed automatically. The most common way of installing these components is by bundling them with other software. Due to this, one of the best ways of avoiding these PUPs is to be extra attentive when installing any new software on a computer (particularly software obtained for free online, and belonging to certain high-risk categories).