'844-568-2974' Pop-Ups

'844-568-2974' Pop-Ups Description

The 844-568-2974 phone number is involved in several misleading tactics that con artists may run by using Web pages and badware. The 844-568-2974 phone number may be seen listed on phishing messages as far back as November 2015 and throughout 2016. Computer users that are suggested to call 844-568-2974 and receive help should avoid doing so. The 844-568-2974 phone number may be seen on pop-up windows and program windows generated by browser hijackers, potentially unwanted software and untrusted domains. As stated before, the 844-568-2974 phone line may be incorporated into many tactics, and that is why security analysts combine phishing messages related to the phone number under the tag '844-568-2974 pop-ups.' We have reports that the '844-568-2974' pop-up messages may be seen on the following domains:

  • alrt-virus-online-comp-hck.site
  • alrt-virus-online-comp-hck.xyz
  • alrtvirusonlinecomphck.online
  • alrtvirusonlinecomphck.xyz
  • com-alrt-vrs-sys-crsh.in
  • com-alrt-vrs-sys-crsh.website
  • comp-alert-online-crsh.info
  • errorreportpleasecall18883118271.porn-loading-error.com
  • techerror404.com

All URLs listed above are registered to the IP address, which suggests that a centralized system for the 844-568-2974 phone line is put in place. Most phishing messages that promote the 844-568-2974 phone number tend to follow a certain pattern. Researchers report that users might be shown a fake BSOD error notification and the following text:

Your hard drive will be deleted if you close this page.
You have a ZEUS virus! please call
technical Support Help Desk. Call Toll-Free 1-844-568-2974
To Stop This Process'

Another model employed by con artists related to the 1-844-568-2974 phone line is the following notification:

‘WARNING: You have been subjected to illegally using or distributing
copyrighted contents
You have been viewing or distributing prohibited Pornographic content.
Access to the Internet has been blocked to protect your information
until you fix this issue.
You are strongly advised to call the certified Tech Support office
at 1-844-568-2974 now for IMMEDIATE assistance.’

Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer that may load the '844-568-2974' pop-ups may freeze. The behavior may be caused by a bad JavaScript embedded into phishing pages. Experts reveal that the JavaScript implementation may allow con artists to produce aberrant behavior of the browser and simulate a system error. The load on your CPU may be increased, and your OS may need to be rebooted because the Windows Task Manager may not be responsive. Anti-virus applications that detect connections to a phishing page may bring up an alert that mentions tags like:

  • Rogue:JS/TechBroloba.B
  • Trojan.HTML.FakeAlert
  • XPL/Def.DK.1989_40
  • Xpl.Def.Dk!c

Windows users that are presented with the '844-568-2974' pop-ups should not trust them. We have noticed that the '844-568-2974' phishing notification might include logos from trusted AV vendors and OS services like the Windows Firewall to claim credibility. PC users will not find adequate technical support on the 844-568-2974 phone line. You might need to install a reputable anti-malware scanner to delete unwanted software if you are redirected to insecure sites automatically.