'800-870-4502' Pop-Ups

'800-870-4502' Pop-Ups Description

The '800-870-4502' pop-ups are associated with Bare Wire, a fake computer security company, and may be used to subtract money from inexperienced computer users. The '800-870-4502' pop-ups resemble the Blue Screen of Death and contain a message to 'call Microsoft' at this phone number. No companies like the one behind the '800-870-4502' pop-ups are ever associated with Microsoft. The '800-870-4502' pop-ups are part of a well-known tactic that involves pilfering money from PC users by inducing them into paying for a bogus technical support service or selling them fake anti-virus software. These types of tactics may involve additional problems, including performance issues on affected computers and the PC user's credit card data and online passwords been compromised. Because of this, the '800-870-4502' pop-ups may be considered a serious security threat that should be stopped as soon as possible. However, what may cause the appearance of the '800-870-4502' pop-ups on a computer is rarely something threatening.

What may Cause the '800-870-4502' Pop-Ups

The '800-870-4502' pop-ups may be caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). The '800-870-4502' pop-ups also may be caused by poorly regulated advertising content displayed on a website visited by the computer user. If the '800-870-4502' pop-ups appear regardless of the websites being visited, then this may mean that a PUP has been inserted in the affected computer. If the '800-870-4502' pop-ups appear only on specific websites, then this may instead indicate that these websites contain potentially harmful advertisements. Computer users should avoid visiting these websites or remove any PUPs with the help of a reliable security application to stop the '800-870-4502' pop-ups from continuing to appear. Most importantly, computer users should avoid interacting with the '800-870-4502' pop-ups in any way, and should avoid calling this phone number or falling for this hoax definitely

The Hoax Associated with the '800-870-4502' Pop-Ups

The tactic used by the '800-870-4502' pop-ups is very common. Its objective is to take advantage of computer users that are inexperienced with online tactics and do not have a deep understanding of how security firms tend to operate. When the computer user calls the number, the person on the other end of the line may offer a free diagnostic or security program to clean the affected computer. In some cases, the con artists may try to convince the computer user to install a Remote Desktop Tool or a Remote Access Trojan of some sort, to carry out the called 'technical support.' In fact, what they may do is meant to trick computer users further. The following are some of the things that con artists may accomplish on affected computers if they are granted access:

  • The people associated with the '800-870-4502' pop-ups may disable or interfere with real security applications installed on the affected computer.
  • Con artists linked to the '800-870-4502' pop-ups may install their own, fake security programs as well as PUPs or even threats on the user's computer.
  • As part of the hoax, these fraudsters may try to extract passwords or other data from the user's computer. Part of the data extracted may include contact lists that may then be used to continue distributing similar attacks (making the '800-870-4502' pop-ups appear on other user's computers).

Dealing with the '800-870-4502' Pop-Ups

In most cases, the people associated with the '800-870-4502' pop-ups may cause problems on the users' computers deliberately to lend credence to their claims that the user's computer is infected with threats. Computer users should disregard these claims, and instead deal with the PUP that is causing the '800-870-4502' pop-ups. If the PUP causing the '800-870-4502' pop-ups is removed, or if computer users stop visiting the website causing these pop-ups, the '800-870-4502' pop-ups should stop appearing on the affected PC.

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