'800-250-5945' Pop-Ups

'800-250-5945' Pop-Ups Description

Computer technicians at Yoda Care, a business that is advertised as a 'global computer and mobile device support service' are operating the 800-250-5945 phone line. Yoda Care Ltd. is the company handling the development and support of Yoda Shield Anti-Virus and the browser add-on YodaShieldProtection. You may be interested to know that Yoda Care Ltd. and Tech Matrix Info Solutions are the same company and is associated with a browser hijacker and bad AV engine. Security analysts note that Yoda Care Ltd. may rely on a browser hijacker to promote their services. The browser hijacker at hand may load pop-up windows and new tab pages that feature the title 'Your System has Been Infected!' to attract the user's attention. Computer users may be directed to call the 800-250-5945 phone and be urged to install the Yoda Shield AV.

Also, the 800-250-6602 phone number is seen on pop-ups by the Yoda Care browser hijacker, and users may be suggested to call it when the 800-250-5945 line is not accessible. You should avoid calling either 800-250-5945 or 800-250-6602. Moreover, Yoda Care Ltd. is related to hoaxes where logos from non-profit organizations like Better Business Bureau and initiatives like Web of Trust are involved. Computer users that called 800-250-5945 and 800-250-6602 report being welcomed to pay nearly $200 for technical help and that their PCs started running slower after receiving assistance. You should not allow the technicians of Yoda Care to take care of your problems if you want a secure OS and optimal performance. The proper course of action is to do research online and seek for a trustworthy anti-malware application that does not require much system resources to protect your browser and Web-based apps.