7mono.biz is a website dedicated to the proliferation of a browser-based tactic. The goal is to trick the user into subscribing to the site's push notification service. Doing so will allow the website to start generating monetary gains by displaying unwanted third-party advertisements on the screen of the user's device.

To achieve its evil goal, 7mono.biz uses the most common tactic employed in these schemes - it displays a fake error message encouraging all visitors to click 'Allow' to prove that they are not robots. The text of the error message is 'Click Allow if you are not a robot' placed next to a confused robot image.

It is easy to fall for such basic tricks, while the user is browsing the Internet casually. Luckily for everybody that has been affected by 7mono.biz or any of the myriad of similar misleading websites, stopping the annoying flood of advertisements is neither that complex nor time-consuming. Just navigate to the Settings menu of your respective browser, scroll to the permissions tab, and remove everything associated with 7mono.biz.


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