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The 7go.com website contains numerous online games. Computer users may browse 7go.com and find games that can suit them by browsing 7go.com's categories. However, 7go.com is linked to a Web browser extension named 7go which has been known to cause problems on victims' computers. The Web browser extension associated with 7go.com is commonly referred to as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) because 7go.com may cause numerous problems on an affected computer. 7go.com is often installed by bundling 7go.com with free programs or shareware. If 7go.com is installed on your Web browser, ESG security researchers strongly recommend that computer users remove this Web browser toolbar immediately with the help of a strong, reliable anti-malware application.

7go.com may Affect Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

7go.com's browser extension is designed to be installed on any of the three most popular Web browsers on the Windows operating system: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. 7go.com's browser extension may record information about your browsing habits and online history. This information may not directly reveal your identity, but it may be used to deliver advertisements to your Web browser and spy on your online activity. 7go.com's PUP may cause browser redirects, the appearance of pop-up windows, and numerous other unwanted symptoms on the victim's computer. Since 7go.com's PUP keeps track of your search history and online activity, 7go.com may deliver advertisements that may be suited to your interests.

Getting rid of 7go.com Redirects and Its Associated PUP

If content associated with 7go.com is installed on your Web browser, ESG security researchers strongly recommend its immediate removal. Even though 7go.com's PUP allows you to play various online games directly from your Web browser, this service is usually not worth the trouble, irritation or risks of allowing 7go.com to display advertisements and cause browser redirects on your computer. This is especially true because there are countless free services on the Web that offer the same service without the requirement of installing a PUP or other potentially damaging content on your computer. Once 7go.com's PUP has been removed, ESG malware researchers recommend that computer users scan their computer with a strong, reliable anti-malware application that is fully up to date.


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