'647-360-4456' Pop-Up

'647-360-4456' Pop-Up Description

Type: Ransomware

The '647-360-4456' pop-up is part of a tactic that involves tricking inexperienced computer users into paying for a fake technical support. The '647-360-4456' pop-up may claim that there are numerous problems on the affected computer. The '647-360-4456' pop-up will then prompt the computer user to call the '647-360-4456' pop-up telephone number in order to fix these supposed problems. The purpose of the '647-360-4456' pop-up is to convince computer users call this number, which seems to be located in Pakistan or India (the URL associated with the '647-360-4456' pop-up is registered in India). Once computer users call this number for the supposed technical support service, the person answering the call will try to convince the computer user to disclose financial information such as a bank account number or credit card details. The '647-360-4456' pop-up may also be associated with attempts to obtain access to the computer user's machine by installing a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). There is absolutely no truth to any of the text on the '647-360-4456' pop-up. This is not a legitimate service and is specifically designed to make money at the expense of computer users.

How the '647-360-4456' Pop-Up may be Used to Trick Inexperienced Computer Users

The '647-360-4456' pop-up is part of a strategy that is well known. Malware researchers warn computer users to disregard the '647-360-4456' pop-up message; computer users should not call this telephone number under any circumstances. The instructions contained in the '647-360-4456' pop-up message are fraudulent, designed to trick inexperienced computer users. The '647-360-4456' pop-up is not connected to Microsoft or other reputable software developers. The '647-360-4456' pop-up will also claim to have found some kind of fatal error on the computer user's machine or detected threats. The '647-360-4456' pop-up message also may include an error code and identify files or use another type of technical sounding language to trick computer users.

What may Cause the '647-360-4456' Pop-Up to Appear?

If your PC is displaying the '647-360-4456' pop-up or other pop-up windows and advertisements, it is highly probable that it has become infected with a PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program. These types of components are low-level threats that may be distributed by bundling them with other software. Computer users may install PUPs automatically. This is because PUP installers bundled with other software may use convoluted or misleading language to convince inexperienced computer users install software they do not want on their computer.

PUPs associated with the '647-360-4456' pop-up are not considered threatening. Although many sources may claim that the '647-360-4456' pop-up is caused by a virus or Trojan, PUPs may not be considered threatening, mainly due to the fact that they are rarely destructive or directly responsible for the loss of data or money. In general, PUPs tend to rely more on social engineering, which may be associated with taking advantage of computer users through manipulation and deception. PC security researchers, however, do warn that PUPs may cause many symptoms more commonly linked to threats and should be removed at once. '647-360-4456' pop-ups are symptoms of a problem on your computer that should be taken care of as soon as possible. There are several symptoms that may be linked to the '647-360-4456' pop-up and its connected PUPs, including the following:

  • PUPs associated with '647-360-4456' pop-up may interrupt computer users' activities repeatedly with pop-up windows and advertisements.
  • PUPs linked to the '647-360-4456' pop-up may cause performance problems, slowing down the affected computer and Internet connection.
  • PUPs associated with the '647-360-4456' pop-up may make changes to the computer user's Web browser settings, such as changing default Web pages and security settings (increasing the risk for other PUP infections).

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File System Details

'647-360-4456' Pop-Up creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 file.exe 3d0f6b27f40efe1ca8fe625aaabb5c6a 1

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