By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The 5finder.com Web portal is presented to Web surfers as a search services provider that lack identifying features but has a seemingly valid security certificate. The 5finder.com portal is associated with a browser extension for Google Chrome that you may install along with free media players, radios and other free tools downloaded from the Internet. We have found that you can install the 5finder.com Extension via Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/5finder/hllhmnocnnpkdlonakiicfpohccpecni and 5finder.com/?a=install. The page on the Chrome Web Store says it is used by more than 11,680 users at the time of writing. However, there are no reviews in any language, and only fourteen users gave it a rating of four stars.

The 5finder.com search service lacks the bells, whistles and search results sorting of competitors like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Additionally, the site uses a security certificate that is utilized by ninety-eight other sites on the IP address. Computer security experts warn that cross-site usage of security certificates is not recommended because if a site with a "shared" certificate is compromised threat actors can deploy badware to a large pool of potential victims. You might want to know that 5finder.com has a clone at Dubalub.com (hxxps://dubalub[.]com) that is registered to the IP address. Also, the Dubalub.com portal is associated with a browser add-on that can be found on Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dubsearch/pcgkihlpjgjidfakhkeecmnepenagcee. Both search services providers deliver the same online experience and incorporate the same ads generation algorithms. 5finder.com and Dubalub.com appear to be used for ad monetization, and they may be set as the default search providers on systems affected by a browser hijacker. We do not recommend using 5finder.com and Dubalub.com in your daily routine. PCs infected with a browser hijacker which redirect you to 5finder.com or Dubalub.com can be cleaned with the help of a credible cybersecurity scanner.


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