4loot Toolbar

4loot Toolbar Description

The 4loot Toolbar is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is associated with a known con game involving Facebook credits. The 4loot Toolbar is often installed on affected Web browsers by tempting inexperienced computer users with free Facebook credits. The 4loot Toolbar may also be bundled with free software that may be downloaded from suspicious software distribution websites that are poorly regulated. Because of the many problems associated with these types of PUPs, security researchers strongly recommend computer users to avoid toolbars like the 4loot Toolbar. Applications like the 4loot Toolbar may cause a wide variety of symptoms that range from merely irritating to extremely disruptive. If the 4loot Toolbar is already installed on your Web browser, malware analysts recommend its immediate removal with the help of a strong security application that is fully up to date. Future infections can be avoided by browsing the Web safely and monitoring the installation of any new software to ensure that it is not bundled with PUPs like the 4loot Toolbar.

What are the After-Effects of an Infection by the 4loot Toolbar

There are numerous symptoms that have been linked to PUPs like the 4loot Toolbar. Listed below are some problems caused by this PUP:

  • As soon as the 4loot Toolbar enters your computer, the 4loot Toolbar may make changes to the Windows Registry and to your Web browser settings that may allow the 4loot Toolbar to run automatically and gain unauthorized access to the affected computer. This also allows the 4loot Toolbar to reinstall itself if not completely removed.
  • One of the most common symptoms associated with 4loot Toolbar is the presence of browser redirects. The 4loot Toolbar has browser hijacking capabilities that may take over the affected Web browser and force it to visit certain questionable websites repeatedly.
  • The 4loot Toolbar is also associated with unwanted pop-up advertisements and marketing content on the affected Web browser. Marketers use components like the 4loot Toolbar to display numerous advertisements on the affected computers.
  • The 4loot Toolbar may make unauthorized changes to your Web browser settings. The most common of these changes include changing your Web browser's default search engine and homepage.

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