'£45 Tesco Vouchers' Facebook Scam

'£45 Tesco Vouchers' Facebook Scam Description

Facebook and other social media were expected to be a place to meet your friends, state your point of view about certain subjects and have fun. However, for the con artists, it is becoming a place where they can apply their phishing campaigns and make easy money by using the credibility of gullible visitors. The latest scheme uncovered is named '£45 Tesco Vouchers' Facebook Scam, which uses what even honest people like the best: free money. The tactic used is in a post claiming that following the instructions provided by Tesco, a well-known Britains retailer, your family can get a £45 voucher.

When Facebook users accept to follow the instructions, they will need to visit a website and answer a three-question survey. Next, they need to share the page and on the Comment field, type Thanks. Then the users are supposed to get the voucher by clicking on 'Claim Voucher.' But, this is not what happens. Instead of the voucher, they will be presented with various surveys. If the users believe in the tactic and answer the other surveys, they will be providing the con artists their personal information, which and end up as identity theft and other harmful consequences. Do not become a victim of this scheme. Tesco is not giving away any money, and it is just one more way used by con artists to make easy money.