By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

40045003.info is a Web page that may be used to host a broad range of corrupted pop-ups whose purpose is to provide users with false information about their computer's health and security. The pop-ups hosted on 40045003.info may display fake virus scan reports, fake alerts, fake Blue Screens of Death, and other misleading notifications whose goal is to convince users that their computers are in danger. Unsurprisingly, all of the pop-ups seen on 40045003.info pages are accompanied by the 844-818-0689 phone number and a snippet of text that advises users to call this number if they want to fix their computers with the help of certified technical support experts.

The 40045003.info may appear when you visit a particular website, but in most cases their source is a browser hijacker or adware installed on your computer. Both of these threats aren't threatening, but they may modify your Web browser's behavior and flood it with aggressive pop-ups that may prevent you from enjoying your Web browsing experience. It is important to remember that the 40045003.info pop-ups don't contain reliable information and everything you see there is completely fake! The only thing that isn't made up is the 844-818-0689 phone number. However, calling this number will not get you in touch with a team of certified computer experts. Instead, you'll talk to experienced con artists who may attempt to take money and information from you, or convince you to provide them with remote access to your computer.


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