By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The 40045001.info domain is associated with pop-up messages tagged 'CRITICAL SYSTEM ALERT' that are generated by a browser hijacker. The browser hijacker linked to 40045001.info may load specially crafted HTML pages that are rigged with JavaScript and present users with fake security alerts on a loop. The 40045001.info browser hijacker would prevent users from accessing their bookmarks and typing in URLs. Also, users may not be able to open the Web pages they saved on their computers. The 40045001.info browser hijacker may be detected by Web filters as Trojan.JS.FakeBsod, Rogue:JS/FakeCall and Ransom:JS/FakeBsod. A closer look at the address bar of Internet clients infected with the 40045001.info browser hijacker may reveal that the 'CRITICAL SYSTEM ALERT' messages originate from ancient1.40045001.info and point to an HTML file named 'bwarning7.' Computer users that experience security alerts from 40045001.info should not be hasty and call the listed phone numbers.

The 40045001.info pop-up alerts may seem like a BSOD screen, but they are not displayed by your system. The 40045001.info browser hijacker may be deployed to users via freeware installers to scare them into calling 844-452-4331, 855-997-6511, and 855-383-3710 were trained con artists would attempt to access their PCs remotely. The fraudsters on 855-997-6511, 855-383-3710, and 844-452-4331 may ask for your credit card details to charge you for removing the browser hijacker on you PC. Moreover, the technicians may open a backdoor to your system and install threats such as Filcout and Lacam later on. Manually removing the 40045001.info browser hijacker may not be the right decision, because there may be an automated updater in your Temp folder that would reinstall the browser hijacker on the next reboot. The proper way to clean your machine is to install a trusted anti-spyware solution that can scan your hard drives for threats and purge bad binaries.


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