2solo.biz is a page that you may see in your browser while visiting shady websites such as the ones used to spread game cracks, illicit software activators, adult media, torrents, etc. 2solo.biz does not host unsafe content or malware, but it may try to trick you into completing a fake 'robot check' that asks you to fulfill one simple requirement – click the 'Allow' button on top of your screen. However, 2solo.biz is not home to a legitimate 'robot check' and, instead, it was created with the sole purpose of hosting a variation of the 'Please press Allow to continue' pop-ups tactic.

The goal of the scheme is to trick you into subscribing to a shady website's notifications. If this condition is met, 2solo.biz will end up flooding your browser with unsolicited notifications that promote paid advertisements and fraudulent content.

If you are being exposed to 2solo.biz notifications, you should try to stop this behavior as soon as possible. This should be done by navigating to your Web browser's privacy settings and making sure that 2solo.biz's ability to display notifications is set to 'Block.'


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