The 24Search program is a Web browser extension that may appear in your installation of Google Chrome, SRWare Iron and other builds based on the Chromium project, surprisingly. The 24Search extension is distributed via free software bundles primarily, and it may not be signaled as a side offer adequately. PC users who may be used to the “Standard” option in software installers might not notice that their Web browser receives the 24Search extension via a background operation. The 24Search program is created by Aztec Media (listed as “azte.paps” on the Chrome Web Store).

The 24Search browser extension is developed by a marketing company, and its focus is not on sports news as you may be to believe by the promotional images at Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/24search/jckogljaihnnnihnokpohigiifiddmkl. The 24Search extension is configured to change your default search preferences to Blpsearch.com and trigger redirects to Yahoo. The 24Search extension employs persistent tracking cookies, Web beacons, and other forms of Web tracking technologies to help partners of Aztec media show targeted promotional messages on your screen. The 24Search extension is likely to detect your frequently visited pages and customize the advertisements on Yahoo to suit your Web activity. The 24Search program may be classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and browser hijacker by computer security scanners due to its questionable deployment strategy and potentially undesired changes to the Internet settings.


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