Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers is a suspicious Web page that may be used for a broad range of shady activities such as distributing misleading information, potentially unwanted programs, and even taking part in online hoaxes. For example, one of the pages hosted by tells users that they have the unique opportunity to win up to $3500 in prizes by answering a simple question. However, once the question is answered, the page may ask users to fill in information that may be used for the wrong purposes. We advise users not to trust what they see in the pages, and never provide their details in suspicious Web pages like the ones hosted on also may be used to distribute Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) whose installation may result in worsened computer performance and behavior.

The experts' advice is to avoid downloading any files from links associated with since there's no telling what other types of programs this website may be used to distribute. The pop-ups, redirects, and advertisements may appear in your Web browser even if you have never visited this suspicious page before. This may occur with the help of a browser hijacker – a small piece of software whose purpose is to modify the Web browser's configuration so that it may open particular Web pages when certain actions are executed. For example, the hijacker may change the user's homepage, new tab page, and search engine, as well as cause the Web browser to display pop-ups whenever the user tries to open a new website. If you notice any content associated with in your Web browser, you should run an anti-malware scanner to take care of the issue immediately.


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