2048 Puzzle Game

2048 Puzzle Game Description

The 2048 Puzzle Game browser extension is not to be associated with the legitimate portal h[tt]p://2048game[.]com/ that offers users to play a sudoku-like game for free. The 2048 Puzzle Game browser extension is published by h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review that takes advantage of the popularity accumulated by h[tt]p://2048game[.]com/ in October 2017. The 2048 Puzzle Game extension from h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review appears to be installed by 86 607 users (at the time of research), but has only two reviews that gave it a five-star rating on:


The 2048 Puzzle Game extension from h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may lead users to believe they are enjoying content from h[tt]p://2048game[.]com/. Computer security analysts note that the 2048 Puzzle Game extension is an ad-supported program designed to change your default search provider to h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review/?type=comoima&q=[KEYWORD] and load promotional offers on all pages you browse on the Internet. You can find out more about its marketing functionality by reading the Terms of Use, EULA and Privacy Agreement published on 2048-game.review/ext/2048/terms.html, 2048-game.review/ext/2048/eula.html, and 2048-game.review/ext/2048/privacy.html. When you have the 2048 Puzzle Game extension running in the background, your search requests via the Omnibox and search bar are redirected via h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review/?type=comoima&q=[KEYWORD] to:


The page listed above offers access to a customized Yahoo search engine that loads promotional content from a set list of affiliates. That way, the operators of h[tt]p://2048-game[.]review can redirect users to a paid content and claim affiliate revenue from Yahoo. The advertisements generated by 2048 Puzzle Game may not be verified and include links to phishing pages. Users who install the 2048 Puzzle Game extension agree that they can't seek responsibility for damages that resulted from following links displayed by the 2048 Puzzle Game extension. Therefore, you may consider the 2048 Puzzle Game app for removal.

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