Threat Database Adware '2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO' Email Scam


By GoldSparrow in Adware

Many conmen online use spam emails to propagate various schemes. One of the most popular schemes is to claim that the targeted user has been selected to receive a large sum of money. The fraudulent emails will state that to receive the sum, the user has to fill in personal data, banking details or pay a transfer fee. One of the most recently uncovered online tactics of this type is the ‘2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO’ email scam.

Users who are targeted by the ‘2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO’ email scam receive a message claiming that they have been handpicked to receive a grant of $500,000. This new email tactic is not only targeting English-speaking users but Portuguese-speaking users as well. Rest assured that nobody is just giving away large sums of money for no particular reason, and if it sounds out of this world, it likely is. The ‘2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO’ email scam states that the reason for the giveaway is the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two email addresses cited in the fraudulent message – ‘’ and '’

You should keep in mind that countless cyber crooks and conmen are using Coronavirus-themed tactics, and you should be extra wary around content of this type. If you are one of the users targeted by the ‘2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO’ email scam, make sure to report the sender of the email and delete the message from your inbox.


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