Threat Database Adware 1-877-695-4931 Pop-Up

1-877-695-4931 Pop-Up

By CagedTech in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 8,122
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 683
First Seen: November 19, 2014
Last Seen: September 14, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Malware analysts have observed the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up among the various types of bogus error messages and pop-ups that have been associated with Potentially Unwanted Program infections and other types of PC problems. Malware analysts have also received reports of computer users receiving phone calls or text messages from the phone number associated with the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up urging them to call this number to receive important information regarding their Internet connection or computer's security. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up and its associated number are part of a known tactic that is designed to trick inexperienced computer users into sharing their information and other data. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up may be linked to tactics in which ill-minded persons may attempt to convince computer users to install a RAT or Remote Access Trojan on their computers. This may then lead to a third party gaining control over the affected computer and access to any data stored on its drives.

Social Engineering Tactics Like the '1-877-695-4931' Pop-Up

Although the traditional way in which threats are disseminated involves using corrupted code and exploits to gain access to victims' computers, the rise of social engineering as a primary way of profiting from these types of attacks is very noticeable. It takes considerably less effort (and is also much more effective) to lie to inexperienced computer users so that they'll believe that a pop-up message or file is beneficial or necessary than attempt to extract data or information through brute force. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up is just one of the many types of social engineering tactics that are active today. When the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up appears, it will try to convince computer users to install threatening content or to disclose their credit card information. It is important to ignore the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up and avoid calling this number in order to protect yourself from this misleading tactic.

Causes for the Appearance of the '1-877-695-4931' Pop-Up on a PC

PC security researchers have noted that the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up may affect most widely used Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up is appearing on your computer, this may either mean that your computer is affected by a PUP or threats, or it may also mean that you are currently visiting a Website with unsafe content. Observing the difference is simple: if the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up only shows up when you are visiting a distinct Website, then it is usually the Website's fault rather than something wrong with your computer. In these cases, PC security researchers recommend closing your Web browser and avoiding that particular Website in the future. However, if the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up may appear regardless of the Websites you visit and, particularly, if the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up appears on Websites that are known to be safe (such as Google, Wikipedia or YouTube), then it is likely that a PUP or more threatening components have infected your computer. In these kinds of situations, computer users should use an updated security application to remove any unwanted invader from your computer.

How a Third-Party may Profit from the '1-877-695-4931' Pop-Up

There are many justifications for a third party cause your Web browser to display the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up. Known issues that may be surrounding the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up and similar unwanted Web browser notifications include:

  1. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up will try to urge you to call the number in the message. Once you call this number, you may be directed to fake computer security experts who will do everything possible to extract your credit card information.
  2. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up has also been associated with tactics that involve convincing computer users to install RATs or other threats to their computers.
  3. The '1-877-695-4931' pop-up seldom appears alone. Computer users have reported that the '1-877-695-4931' pop-up may be accompanied by other unwanted pop-up messages, such as suspicious advertisements and fake error messages.


1-877-695-4931 Pop-Up may call the following URLs:


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