'1-877-583-0976' Pop-Ups

'1-877-583-0976' Pop-Ups Description

Computer users that shop and bank online may be disturbed by the '1-877-583-0976' pop-ups that suggest your user credentials are in danger due to unauthorized remote connection to your PC. The '1-877-583-0976' pop-ups may include logos and certificates from several leading security companies to claim credibility and provide users with a toll-free phone line to seek help. However, the 1-877-583-0976 phone number is not operated by legitimate technical support agents and the pop-ups in your Internet client are generated by a browser hijacker on your hard drive. There browser hijacker on your PC may work as a browser add-on, plug-in, Browser Helper Object and extension to deliver the disturbing messages on the '1-877-583-0976' pop-up windows. You might have installed a browser hijacking application with a freeware bundle that you downloaded from an insecure software distribution platform. The browser hijacker at hand might use JavaScript to prevent users from closing the '1-877-583-0976' pop-ups and block your access to the Internet when using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Users that are not familiar with JavaScript may want to know that browser hijackers are not malware and are similar to adware such as CPush and DeskFavorites. While adware apps use coupons and discounts to invite users to buy products from partners, the browser hijacker linked to the 1-877-583-0976 phone number uses fake security alerts to invite users to call uncertified technicians. The technicians on the 1-877-583-0976 phone line might want to connect to your PC remotely. They may cause system errors to convince you to provide your billing information and charge you for repairs you might not need. Needless to say, calling 1-877-583-0976 is a bad decision may not regret making if you install a credible anti-malware tool that can clean your system and provide the cyber defense you need.