'1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups

'1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups Description

The appearance of '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups in your web browser may often be accompanied by additional minor issues such as having an impossible to close the tab which informs you that your computer has been blocked due to suspicious activity. '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups are not the only pop-ups to use this misleading message, but they are the ones that you may encounter if you somehow end up at Helpline-9.xyz, a low-quality page that scammers use to host malicious pop-ups that aim to promote fake technical support services.

The '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups use special JavaScript code that forces the user's web browser to use full-screen mode constantly, therefore making it very difficult for inexperienced computer users to get rid of these pop-ups without restarting their entire browser or computer. Apart from forcing full-screen mode, the '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups may also cease the user's attempt to close the current tab by continuously displaying a pop-up which tells them to call for 1-844-257-9402 for assistance.

The '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups are shown on a background that strongly resembles the design of Microsoft Windows' original website, but we assure you that neither the domain that displays these pop-ups, nor the pop-ups themselves are linked to the Microsoft Corporation. This is just another trick that scammers may use to trick users into thinking that the information they see is legitimate and that they need to take action immediately. You can rest assured that the '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups are entirely fake, and their sole purpose is to scare you enough to call 1-844-257-9402 where you'll be greeted by a fake technical support agent who may claim to be employed by Microsoft. The goal of the tech support scam may vary, but usually, they try to use several tactics:

  • Ask the user to pay hundreds of dollars to subscribe to their technical support services or to take advantage of a one-time offer.
  • Convince users to pay $100+ for an unheard of piece of PC optimization or anti-malware software whose credibility is questionable.
  • Request remote access to the victim's computer, and then use the privilege to either password-lock their PC or cause other havoc that they'll then offer to fix in exchange for money.

It goes without saying that '1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups are not a trustworthy source of information, and the numbers they promote are never associated with legitimate computer experts. If you encounter these pop-ups while browsing the web, you should immediately close them, and run an anti-malware scanner just to make sure that the message did not appear because of a suspicious piece of software on your computer.