1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org Description

Type: Trojan

1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org is a domain name that may be used to host a long list of pages associated with fraudulent online technical support tactics. These tactics may distribute fake information about threat infections and other computer issues in an attempt to trick users into believing that their machine's health and safety are in dire danger. The 1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org pop-ups may attempt to copy the interface and alert message used by popular anti-malware software, and that's why we advise users to be extra careful if they see an unexpected threat alert. One way to spot fake 1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org pop-ups is to check if the pop-up is accompanied by a phone number that may be found next to a message which urges the user to seek help from professional computer technicians.

The 1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org pop-ups may be associated with a technical support tactic that asks users to call 888-901-3385 if they want to have their machine issues solved by certified computer experts quickly and efficiently. We assure you that calling this number is a huge mistake because reputable computer technicians will never use such pop-ups to advertise their services. The people who answer the calls to 888-901-3385 are experienced con artists that may ask you to provide them with credit card information, personal details or even with remote access to your desktop. If you get in touch with the con artists behind 1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org pop-ups, you must not comply with any of their requests, and disconnect the call as soon as possible. Make sure to scan your computer with a reputable anti-malware utility to locate and eliminate the source of the 1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org pop-ups.

Technical Information

File System Details

1453527013.rsc.cdn77.org creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 file.exe 7d6d7af6fb64e5140fe4b44537fdbcc1 0
2 file.dll d74d2554e032d572880eae7f749388f0 0
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