Threat Database Fake Error Messages $1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner Fake Pop-Up

$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner Fake Pop-Up


Do Not Be Fooled by the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' Fake Pop-Up

The '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up is a pop-up window that is part of a common online scam. Criminals take advantage of inexperienced computer users by displaying misleading advertisements and pop-up windows in an attempt to lead them to attack websites or to convince them to disclose their online account or credit card information. The '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up works by displaying a window with the Walmart logo and colors, claiming that the computer user has won a $1000 USD gift card for Walmart. However, clicking on this window leads the victim to an attack website which will attempt to install malware on the victim's computer system. The '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up can appear while browsing websites with poor control of their advertisements. However, according to ESG security researchers, the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up is most common in victims of a browser hijacker infection. A sure sign that this is the case occurs when the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up appears while browsing websites that would normally not contain these kinds of obtrusive advertisements. If your web browser is displaying the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up and you find that your web browser is presenting other symptoms of a browser hijacker, ESG malware analysts recommend scanning your hard drives with a reliable, up-to-date anti-malware application.

Recognizing the Browser Hijacker Behind the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' Fake Pop-Up

If, by any chance, your computer is infected with a browser hijacker linked to the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up, various symptoms apart from this intrusive advertisement will present themselves:

  • Browser hijackers linked to the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up will often change your homepage, usually to some kind of malicious fake search engine.
  • You may also find that an infected computer's web browser will display constant pop-up windows and take you to various irrelevant websites after carrying out an online search or clicking on a link.
  • In most cases, the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up will appear regardless of the victim's web browser. This is due to the fact that browser hijackers associated with the '$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner' fake pop-up infect the victim's computer's operating system, rather than limiting themselves to a particular web browser. These browser hijackers fundamentally change the way the infected computer connects to the Internet.


Robert Greenwell Reply

I fell for the tgif $1000 Walmart gift card two Fridays in a roll

Rodella Jaecke Reply

I fell for the free Walmart gift card for $1,000.00. DUH!!!! I should have listened to my
Mom when she said, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't!!!

I fell for the $1,000 gift card scam; what should I do now? I hope Wal-Mart will use ALL their resources to stop this scam.

Hey I also had a fake winner thing and then I had a notification that also popped up saying that there was two viruses so yeah things like this is stupid

Walmart winner card was fake! They stole informations.

Dmitri Mendeleev Reply

How... I think somebody would have to be on drugs or high to fall for this, or they are just so naive and oblivious about the world

I fell for the 1000 dollar gift card scam from Walmart today 12/24/17 it was basic survey??’s then name email & address phone number.

Yesss same happened to meee but it showed up in a app.

I clicked on the add by accident and got to the I need information area and put first name f last name you and entered random things instead of actual information mostly answers like stop spamming this pop up

Oh my. I filled out the information and answer the survey questions requested. I cannot find a phone number or reference information for getting my credit card canceled. I believe I did give my information online I don’t know how to cancel it now I cannot find the information. Any suggestions on what I can do otherwise I’m going to be charged constantly

This is $1000 Wal-Mart winner a spam. Fake hacker on my phone. Help please. Thanks. I did not open it. Karen peak

Harland Harris Reply

I got a email with a thing to fill out a question thing on it. It said if I fill it out I won the card . I put in all the info and save the card id and the picture of the card . Can I take legal actions for this action ?

mark marinescu Reply

I got an email saying that the odds are against me to get my walmart gift card i went to the website and when i saw that it said how many kids are in my household i knew it was a scam

Thank you!

Joseph delgaudio Reply

Hi I was told that my 1000 dollar Walmart giftcard was coming in the mail today before 5 :45 pm

Thank you because I won twise and it is fake

It was just a survey plus a scam.
They now have my imfo.

I am a winner!!!

Asked for my social security number. I don't think so b******s!!!!!!

Nice try !!!’n


Been using computers since 1976 and even I fell for this BS. Now they have my info too! Feel like first class fool! Really wanted that $1000. You know what they say, If it sounds too good...

It showed up twice and at first I thought it was real, but then I saw what information it wanted my to put in and I was like no way! So then I didn’t do it....

Clash of clans now

I hope this work

I had won the walmrat gift card so I was trying to see if the gift card was going to be dilived to my house

I just completed everything for the $1000 dollar gift card that I was told I won in text message I even signed up for ESPN plus please help

I did it also but felt it was a scam so I gave them bad info and got ESPN that I can cancel if I want with a debit card that only has $20.00 on it. So get a good Malware and scan your computer.

Hey I won the walmrat gift card so I was checking if my gift card will come

You may have been scammed. We strongly suggest that you NEVER trust the walmart gift card message, as it is a scam. At this time it is recommended that you detect and eliminate any malware that may have caused the pop-up to display on your computer by using an antimalware program. Reply

I believe i have read about things like this in Law School, And i also believe that Walmart is Liable for this. Weather they know or didn't know, It has been long enough for The Legal team of Sam Walton to Foot work on getting this cleared up..

Suzanne Potter Reply

done over 100 servery on line for Walmart free gift cards never got any of them is it just a scam I spend lots of money at Walmart .

Ever time I do it .it never send me anything .fasle hope

I'm always getting the Walmart gift card pop up and I have never fell for it

They won't stop sending me pop ups and emais

I played it and won 5 times.havent seen a.penny..wal-mark my ass.i go to Wal-Mart just so I get my cashiers receipt and play..they're full of shit...thdy just take your money!🎰

Thank you

This is crazy that people can do this.
The only reason i accepted is because
it was REALLY different from all the
Previous ones that I had seen.
The others were not pop ups.

I thought thus one was different, it looked like it was ligit. It even said right away that Walmart had omproved some things to qualofy.

I got a pop-up when typing in the Google search engine box that said I was the 5 billionth person to search and to pick out of 3 prizes I got the 1000 gift card asked to fill out surveys and answer healthcare related questions then sent to a freebie giveaway deal for garnier fructuis hair products sweepstakes after entering general info in I couldnt progress any further


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