'0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups

'0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups Description

The '0800-090-3829' alerts in your browser are not legitimate security notifications and should be ignored. However, that may be difficult given the fact the origin of the '0800-090-3829' pop-ups might be a browser hijacker on your computer. Security researchers alert that corrupted advertisements and browser hijacking software are put to "good use" by con artists that aim to fool users and receive payment for fake services. Uncertified technical support agents operate the 0800-090-3829 phone line which might be promoted to users via ads generated by adware and browser hijacking software that reroutes users to insecure pages. In both cases, it is not a good idea to call 0800-090-3829 and ask for help. We have received reports that the '0800-090-3829' pop-up alerts are hosted on pages like:

  • internetscan.xyz
  • seekpcscan.xyz
  • dailyonlinescan.xyz
  • extrapcscan.xyz
  • virtualonlinescan.xyz
  • bargainunitscan.xyz
  • firstonlinescan.xyz
  • camelproscan.xyz
  • pcscanlog.xyz
  • hunterpcscan.xyz

ESG experts advise against users calling 0800-090-3829 and following directions provided by fake computer technicians. We are aware of the following model used with the '0800-090-3829' notifications:

'Your computer has been Locked
Veer computer with the IP address [your IP] might infected by the Trojans Because System Activation Key has expired & Your information (for example, passwords messages, and credit cards) have been stolen. Call the Help Desk number 0800-090-3829 to protect your files and identity from further damage.
'System Activation Eire, Code: Ox44578' Lock Screen To immediate rectify issue and prevent data lose
Please call Toll free 0800-090-3829
Automatically report details of possible security incidents to Google Privacy Policy
Toll free: 0800-090-3829'

Computer users that are presented with the '0800-090-3829' notification can report the domains by using the built-in report feature in Google Chrome, Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. If your browser is unable to close and switch between tabs while the '0800-090-3829' pop-ups are on screen, use the task manager to kill the browser's process. Removing the browser hijacker and adware associated with the pages above should be accomplished with the assistance of a reliable anti-malware scanner.

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