'0-800-046-5264' Pop-Ups

'0-800-046-5264' Pop-Ups Description

The '0-800-046-5264' pop-up messages are generated by host-service924-info[.]win that is blacklisted by services like Google Safebrowsing, Mozilla Phishing Protection and the Microsoft Security filters. The domain is blacklisted because it is used to deliver false security notifications to users and aim to collect Windows account logins. The host-service924-info[.]win domain is registered to the IP address where we found it has several clones that include go546fdg34[.]com, best-webs-software-net[.]top and egobux[.]net. The fake security alerts from host-service924-info[.]win might feature the title 'Windows Product Key Expired Call Immediately' and include logos from Support.microsoft.com that is the legitimate support site managed by Microsoft Corp. Con artists are using screenshots of legitimate sites to convince users to call uncertified computer support phone lines. AS you might suspect, the 0-800-046-5264 phone line is operated by con artists who claim to be employed by Microsoft Corp. and ask users to provide information like their Microsoft account login. The '0-800-046-5264' messages are recorded to feature the following text:

'The [domain name] is asking for your username and password. The server reports that it is from: Windows product key expired call immediately: 0-800-046-5264 (Toll free) Since Windows was first activated on this computer, the hardware on the computer has changed significantly. Due to these changes, Windows must reactivate, call administrator or call support at: 0-800-046-5264 (Toll free) PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER WINDOWS'

You should notice that the host-service924-info[.]win domain and its variants offer false information about your processor and available RAM. The screenshots used in the '0-800-046-5264' technical support tactic might be of the Windows 7 Control Panel, but you might find the Windows 10 logo too. The creators of the '0-800-046-5264' pop-up windows aim to include conflicting information and use pop-up loops that make users question the security of their OS. Do not call any phone lines listed on host-service924-info[.]win, go546fdg34[.]com, best-webs-software-net[.]top and egobux[.]net. The 'Windows Product Key Expired Call Immediately' warnings should not be trusted, and you need to report phishing pages that might be used in the '0-800-046-5264' technical support tactic. AV companies and Web browser vendors are working to limit access to misleading information, but the fight is a continuous effort, and it would help if Web surfers report questionable sites. You can find tips on how to access the security features in Chrome, Opera, Edge, IE and Firefox below:

  • Edge: Open the browser's menu and click 'Send Feedback' then choose 'Report site issue', enter the URL and add a short explanation about your experience.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Click on the gear icon, chose 'Safety' and then click 'Report unsafe site', in the pop-up window mark the category of the site and complete the CAPTCHA challenge.
  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots icon, mark 'Help' and chose 'Report an issue.' You can add a few sentences as a comment and click 'Send.'
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open the browser's menu and navigate to 'Help' (the question mark icon) and click on 'Report Deceptive Site.'
  • Opera: Click on the site's badge located in the URL bar and click 'Details' then load the 'Fraud and Malware Protection' tab and click 'Report Site.'