'020-3514-0515' Scam Message

'020-3514-0515' Scam Message Description

The 020-3514-0515 phone number can be seen listed on fake security alerts in the form of pop-up windows in Web browsers. The '020-3514-051' scam message is generated by adware on infected systems and may simulate BSOD event on your PC. Also, the 020-3514-0515 scam message may suggest that your credit card data and Facebook account is at risk. Security authorities warn users not to call 020-3514-0515 and to check their 'Programs and Features' panel for recently installed software. The adware linked to the 020-3514-0515 phone number may have arrived on your PC bundled with a free program installer. You should remain distrustful towards the messages that direct you to call 020-3514-0515 and receive immediate help. The 020-3514-0515 adware is designed to earn revenue by instructing people to call fake technical support services. Users affected by the adware in question report that the '020-3514-0515' scam message is loaded on their browser windows even if they are not connected to the Internet. That suggests that the content of the'020-3514-05' scam message is stored locally on your machine, and the adware may have edited your Windows Registry to run in the background. Adware cannot do severe damages to your PC, but it may slow down your computer, display misleading messages and direct you to visit harmful domains. Users that are presented with 020-3514-0515 pop-up messages should refrain from calling 020-3514-0515 and should examine their extension manager for suspicious apps. The complete removal of adware related to 020-3514-0515 can be achieved by using a trusted anti-malware solution that can scan and clean your system.