Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent Description

Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent is a terrible Trojan that exploits system vulnerabilities to enable remote attackers control your computer system and corrupt its performance stability. Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent can bring additional nasty malware threats to your machine and use it to send spam emails to your contact lists for 'pay per click' revenue. Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent is generated to record your browsing activity and steal your sensitive details. Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent is mainly found on some infected websites. Once you enter one of those websites, Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent will be downloaded and install its .exe files into your computer's root directory of the C: drive. When you restart your PC, Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent will finish its installation and modify your computer system and some application settings on your machine without your authorization. Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent can also download some fake security programs to seduce you into purchasing them. You need to remove Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent to avoid computer harm.

Technical Information

File System Details

Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %System%\.exe N/A
2 %temp%\wininet.dll N/A
3 .lnk N/A

Registry Details

Trojan.Downloader.JS.Agent creates the following registry entry or registry entries: