Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is the practice of noting (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard. There are currently two types of keylogging methods, hardware and software based.

Hardware key loggers are commercially available devices which come in three types: inline devices that are attached to the keyboard cable, devices which can be installed inside standard keyboards, and actual replacement keyboards that contain the key logger already built-in.

When used covertly inline devices are easily detected by a glance at the keyboard connector plugged into the computer. Of the three types, the most difficult to install is also the most difficult to detect. The device that installs inside a keyboard (presumably the keyboard the target has been using all along) requires soldering skills and extended access to the keyboard to be modified. However, once in place, this type of device is virtually undetectable unless specifically looked for.

Remote Access software Keyloggers are local software keyloggers programmed with an added feature to transmit recorded data out of the target computer and make the data available to the monitor at a remote location. Remote communication is facilitated by one of four methods:

  • Data is uploaded to a website or an ftp account.
  • Data is periodically emailed to a pre-defined email address.
  • Data is wirelessly transmitted by means of an attached hardware system.
  • It allows the monitor to log into the local machine via the internet or ethernet and access the logs stored on the target machine.

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There are currently 102 articles listed on keyloggers.

Name Threat Level Detection Count Date
PrintMonitor 88/10 25 September 7, 2007
ProduKey 88/10 680 January 18, 2008
Remote KeyLogger October 27, 2011
SC-KeyLog 88/10 10 July 19, 2008
Smart Keystroke Recorder 1010/10 0 June 1, 2007
SmartPCKeylogger 66/10 13 February 8, 2008
Snake Keylogger December 4, 2020
Spector 88/10 234 October 15, 2007
SpyKey 88/10 7 October 18, 2007
Spyrix October 29, 2018
StarLogger 88/10 4 November 9, 2007
StealthWatcher 88/10 4 August 17, 2007
Super WinSpy 88/10 61 January 18, 2008
Trojan-keylogger.WIN32.Agent July 6, 2009
Trojan-PSW.Lemir November 11, 2009
Trojan-PSW.Win32.Dybalom.dhc July 25, 2011
Trojan-PWS.Win32.VB October 23, 2009
Trojan-Spy.Carberp 99/10 638,053 November 28, 2019
Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bawr November 2, 2009
Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bbsq February 25, 2011
Trojan.Keylogger.SR 88/10 73 November 28, 2019
Trojan.MSIL.KeyLogger.bfqg 88/10 1,393 November 28, 2019
VirTool:Win32/Keylogger.A 88/10 59 August 29, 2011
VirTool.Win32.FireJoiner April 21, 2011
WinLog August 13, 2019

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