Why is SpyHunter 5 Blocking One of My Programs or Apps?

SpyHunter 5's System Guard is designed to protect your system from the execution of malware and other objects that may adversely affect the performance and security of your computer. The System Guard is designed to allow whitelisted programs, such as popular software from Microsoft and other trusted vendors, to execute without interruption.

In some cases, SpyHunter 5 may not be able to identify a program that is attempting to launch on your system. For these cases, SpyHunter 5 can be configured to prompt you and ask you if you would like to block the unknown executable or allow it to execute. If you opt for the prompt to "Remember my answer," SpyHunter 5 will create a rule in the "User Added" section of its System Guard, which will be applied in the future whenever the same object attempts to execute.

If you inadvertently block an unknown executable from execution, and wish to launch it, you will need to unblock it in the SpyHunter 5 System Guard's "User Added" section.

You can view the objects that have been blocked by opening the SpyHunter 5 main window and clicking the "System Guard" menu item. Objects are grouped into three categories: "Malware," "PUPs," and "User Added."

To view a list of user-added rules that have been created for SpyHunter 5's System Guards, click on the "User Added" tab to select it. Each object will display a "Status" of "Blocked" or "Allowed." You can modify a user-added rule by locating the object in this list, clicking the value in its "Status" field, and selecting either "Allowed" or "Blocked."

Note: If you are experiencing issues running a program that IS NOT listed under the "User Added" section, you should check if the object is listed in the SpyHunter 5 System Guard's "PUP" section. Please click here to learn about managing Blocked PUPs.

Our technical support team is available for paying subscribers and can provide additional guidance related to this feature.

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