How to Use Spyware HelpDesk to Create a Custom Malware Fix

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Malware authors are constantly changing their malicious programs to avoid detection. This is why many computer users fall under the predicament of having an anti-spyware program that is not capable of detecting or removing a computer parasite.
With the help of SpyHunter’s Spyware HelpDesk, you have the opportunity to get personalized parasite detection and removal solutions to fit the issues occurring specifically on your PC. Spyware HelpDesk's Diagnostic Report (Support Log) takes snapshots of all the points of execution on your operating system, allowing our technical support team to precisely identify each and any problem within your PC. By simply clicking the "Spyware HelpDesk" tab within SpyHunter, you can generate a diagnostic report of your PC which you can then instantly send to our technical support team for analysis.
We encourage you to generate a diagnostic report when you encounter complications removing an infection so we can help you come up with a custom fix for it.
To use SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk to generate a custom fix for your issue, follow the instructions below:
Open "SpyHunter" > click on the "Spyware HelpDesk" tab > click on the "Generate Support Log" button to generate a diagnostic report which will be transmitted to our technical support team.

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