How to Manually Execute Custom Fix with .REG Repair File

When SpyHunter is not able to automatically remove an infection, our technicians can create an automatic custom fix, from a diagnostic report, sent from SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk. With the custom fix, we are able to identify any missing or mutating component of an infection and remove it automatically through a custom-made fix, designed for each individual customer's system.

In some cases, due to a damaged operating system, SpyHunter will not be able to execute the automatic custom fix.

Therefore, we provide a repair tool called .REG Repair File that can be made available to you when SpyHunter fails to execute the Spyware HelpDesk Custom Fix. The .REG repair file is available by request only and needs to be created and tested by our technicians before made available to you. We require 24 hours for processing and testing of each .REG repair file.

How to Open REG Repair File with Windows Registry Editor

Some computers will mistakenly open our REG Repair File with Notepad instead of opening the Windows Registry Editor. If this issue happens to you, please follow the instructions below to execute the REG Repair File and open on Windows Registry Editor.

  1. Click on the "Start" button and choose "Run."
  2. In the open box, type the word "regedit" (with no quote marks) and click the "OK" button.
  3. The Registry Editor window will open. On the top of the Registry Editor window, click "File" and then click on "Import."
  4. "Import Registry File" window will open, requesting that you select a file to be imported. On the left hand side of that window, click on "Desktop". All the files located on your Desktop will appear on the right hand side of the same window.
  5. Locate the file downloaded by the name of "rgfixXXXX.reg" or just "rgfixXXXX" ("XXXX" are numbers of the fix ID assigned to your REG Repair File). Highlight the file by clicking on the top of it and click the "Open" button on the bottom of the window.
  6. You will receive the folowing message: “Information was successfully imported to the registry". Click "OK" and reboot your computer into normal mode.