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MagnaEngine Browser Extension

In an examination of the MagnaEngine browser extension, cybersecurity experts discovered that it functions as a browser hijacker. This means that the extension alters various critical settings within the browser without the user's consent or knowledge. The primary objective of MagnaEngine is to endorse a counterfeit search engine, thereby redirecting users' search queries to potentially fraud-related or unwanted websites.

Furthermore, MagnaEngine takes advantage of and manipulates the legitimate 'Managed by your organization' feature. This feature, originally intended for organizational management purposes, is exploited by MagnaEngine to exert control over browser settings, potentially leading to further unauthorized modifications and activities.

MagnaEngine May Lead to Increased Privacy and Security Issues

MagnaEngine exerts control over Chrome browsers by modifying default settings, including the search engine, homepage, and new tab page, redirecting them to This website, however, redirects search queries to, a platform that yielded no results during investigation. As a result, has been labeled as a counterfeit search engine.

Counterfeit search engines pose risks by providing unreliable search results, potentially leading users to inaccurate information or even unsafe websites. Moreover, these engines, alongside browser hijackers like MagnaEngine, can collect various user data such as search queries, browsing history, IP addresses, geolocation and device details.

Additionally, MagnaEngine activates the 'Managed by your organization' feature, commonly utilized by businesses or IT administrators to enforce specific browser policies. However, when activated by unwanted software like MagnaEngine, this feature indicates unauthorized modifications to browser settings, potentially compromising user privacy and security.

Users encountering this unexpected feature should exercise caution and take measures to regain control over their browser settings to mitigate potential risks.

The installer for MagnaEngine also includes another browser hijacker named Page Summarizer AI. Therefore, users who discover MagnaEngine installed on their browsers likely have Page Summarizer AI installed as well.

Browser Hijackers and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) Often Try to Get Installed Unnoticed

Browser hijackers and PUPs frequently employ deceptive distribution practices to install themselves unnoticed on users' systems. Here's a comprehensive explanation of how they do so:

  • Bundling with Freeware: One common method is bundling with free software or applications that users download from the Internet. PUPs and browser hijackers are often packaged alongside legitimate software as additional components. Users may inadvertently agree to install these unwanted programs during the installation process without fully understanding or noticing the bundled items.
  • Misleading Installation Prompts: During software installations, browser hijackers and PUPs may present misleading or confusing prompts to users. These prompts might use deceptive language or design elements to trick users into consenting to the installation of additional software or browser extensions without realizing it.
  • Fake System Alerts: Some browser hijackers and PUPs utilize fake system alerts or pop-ups that mimic legitimate operating system or security software messages. These alerts may warn users about nonexistent security threats or outdated software and prompt them to download and install fraudulent programs disguised as security updates or optimization tools.
  • Rogue Websites and Ads: Users may encounter browser hijackers and PUPs through rogue websites or online advertisements. These websites and advertisements may prompt users to click on misleading links or buttons, leading to the automatic download and installation of unwanted software without the user's consent.
  • Social Engineering Tactics: Browser hijackers and PUPs often utilize social engineering tactics to manipulate users into installing them. This may involve using persuasive language, fake endorsements, or claims of exclusive offers to convince users to download and install the software voluntarily.

Overall, browser hijackers and PUPs rely on various deceptive and unethical practices to infiltrate users' systems and browsers unnoticed. Users should remain vigilant when downloading software or browsing the Internet to avoid inadvertently installing unwanted programs.

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