Threat Database Browser Hijackers is another misleading website that wants to bombard users with unwanted advertisements to generate revenue for its creators. First, however, it must acquire the needed browser permissions to start displaying its advertisements without the user noticing it. To do it, several social-engineering tricks are employed.

The most popular one is a fake error message that poses as a captcha check, but has moved away from it and instead plays on its visitors' curiosity. When landing on the site, the first thing that is seen is a loading bar that is not yet finished. A text with rather large letters states: 'You need to 'Allow' to continue...'

Of course, clicking Allow will not actually help the loading bar in any shape or form. Instead, the user will now be subjected to unsolicited advertisements for shady online casinos or adult websites.

If you have fallen for's tricks, do not despair. Getting everything back to normal is both easy and fast. Just open the 'Settings' menu of your respective browser, locate the permissions tab, and remover everything that has been granted to the tactic website.


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