LNK:Runner-B Description

Type: Trojan

LNK:Runner-B, otherwise known as the Link Runner Virus, is a Trojan that mainly proliferates via hacked websites. LNK:Runner-B may also be distributed via spam email message containing malicious attachments. LNK:Runner-B uses the scripts to run itself when a recipient opens the malicious email. When running on the targeted computer system, LNK:Runner-B searches for files and folders. LNK:Runner-B copies original files and folders by changing their names to the .LNK files. The legal files and folders are disguised by modifying their attributes to 'System' and 'Hidden'. Changed files and folders remain concealed from victims, urging them to execute malevolent .LNK versions. LNK:Runner-B makes all .LNK files to execute it. LNK:Runner-B may also spread to a network when the malevolent file is executed on connected PCs.

Technical Information

File System Details

LNK:Runner-B creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 61d9e988eade69c6acde5a053d291044 61d9e988eade69c6acde5a053d291044 0
2 203ad917c56198711c5615a01a279074 203ad917c56198711c5615a01a279074 0
3 6bd290427820dededa116f47c774bc97 6bd290427820dededa116f47c774bc97 0
4 524a82f1aeec2d20eee8a1b2ddf8dd7c 524a82f1aeec2d20eee8a1b2ddf8dd7c 0

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