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'' Email Scam

The ‘’ scam has been getting traction recently. This tactic is a rather elaborated plan of defrauding Apple users from their login credentials. The authors of the tactic use emails to achieve their ends. They have made sure to tailor the emails in a way that makes them appear legitimate to the user. The actors behind the ‘’ scam have used an HTML code, which is meant to trick the user and make them believe that they are being redirected to the official Apple website, when in fact they are being directed to a bogus Web page that belongs to the con artists. Users need to remember always to keep a close eye on the URL when clicking on an email link. Oftentimes, con artists would use very similar domain names to the legitimate ones, therefore, reducing the chances of the user to detect that something is not quite right.

The emails, which the creators of the ‘’ scam are propagating are rather short and to the point. They use social engineering tricks to convince the user to follow their instructions. To intimidate the users and make sure they click on the link provided, the actors behind the ‘’ scam claim that the person’s Apple device has been accessed with an unknown IP address. Another social engineering technique is putting time pressure on the target. The ‘’ con artists have done just that – they claim that unless the user follows their link and changes their login credentials their account will be shut down permanently. Remember that Apple does not provide such services via email and that they will not shut down one’s account fora reason given by these people.

If you have received an email from the con artists responsible for the ‘’ scam, we advise you to report the issue and wipe out the email from your inbox. In case you fell for their trickery and entered your login credentials on their phishing page, make sure to change your username and password immediately.


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