'ChaosCC Hacker Group' Email Scam

'ChaosCC Hacker Group' Email Scam Description

Some evil-minded actors online are very highly-skilled individuals with incredible capabilities of causing chaos. Others who are nowhere near as capable, however, often rely on social engineering techniques to make a quick buck. This is the case of the ‘ChaosCC Hacker Group’ email scam. The individuals responsible for this tactic are pretending to be a threatening hacking group called ‘ChaosCC Hacker Group.’ However, no such hacking group exists and it all a play-pretend to instill fear into users that they have become the victim of some group of ruthless and vicious individuals who now hold their fate in their hands.

A ‘Sextortion’ Scheme

The ‘ChaosCC Hacker Group’ tactic is carried out via fake spam emails. In the emails, the attackers claim to have recorded the user via their webcam when they were pleasuring themselves while enjoying some adult entertainment videos online. The authors of the ‘ChaosCC Hacker Group’ email scam also state that they have planted additional spyware on the user’s system, which helped them gather more data about them. To make matters seem even worse, the attackers also claim to have gained access to the contact list of the user as well as their social media friends lists. They continue the message by stating that unless the user pays them $700 in the shape of Bitcoin, the embarrassing video will be sent to all their friends, family members and colleagues. The user is then informed that they have only 60 hours to pay the fee, or the damning video will be distributed among their contact list. This is a common scheme used by online fraudsters and it is often referred to as ‘sextortion.’

You would be glad to know that most ‘sextortion’ schemes are hoaxes. This means that the attackers usually lie through their teeth when they claim to have a recording of the user, and thankfully, this is the case with the ‘ChaosCC Hacker Group’ email scam too. To minimize the chances of ever becoming a victim of such a campaign, make sure to download and install a genuine anti-virus tool that will keep your system secure.

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