The AsyncRAT is a project that seems to have been developed with educational purposes, or at least that is what its creator is claiming on their GitHub page. The AsyncRAT’s code is available on the previously mentioned GitHub page publicly. Once malware experts reviewed the code, it quickly became clear that the AsyncRAT can serve as a very threatening tool if it falls in the hands of ill-willing individuals.


The AsyncRAT is not too different from most RATs out there, but this does not make it any less threatening. This threat is able to record your keystrokes as it possesses a keylogging module. This is usually used to collect login credentials and other sensitive data. The AsyncRAT can also record video via the webcam on the compromised system, as well as record audio using the microphone. This RAT also sports an info stealer feature, which allows the AsyncRAT to gather information from messaging services, Web browsers and FTP clients. Furthermore, the AsyncRAT can view, download, and upload files on the infected PC, which means that it can not only collect copies of your files, but it also can plant additional malware.

The real danger in the AsyncRAT hides not its capabilities, however, but in the fact that its creator has made this threat available publicly. This means that any shady individual, even the ones with zero technical skills, can weaponize this threat and use it to cause great harm to unsuspecting users. An even scarier scenario is when we imagine that highly-skilled cybercriminals can take the code of the AsyncRAT and further weaponize this threat to make it even more threatening. It is time to users realize that they need to take their cybersecurity very seriously as threats like the AsyncRAT are lurking all around the Web. Download and install a genuine anti-spyware tool, which will keep threats like the AsyncRAT at bay and give you peace of mind.


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