Aartemis.com Description

Type: Browser Hijackers

Aartemis.com Image 1Aartemis.com is a suspicious website linked to possibly unsafe online content. Aartemis.com is associated with PUPs and other types of suspicious content. Computer users have reported that affected PCs present redirects to the Aartemis.com website. Other problems that have been linked to Aartemis.com include unauthorized alterations to the user's Web browser settings and multiple system performance issues. If your PC is presenting problems related to Aartemis.com, malware researchers strongly advise using an anti-malware tool that is always kept up to date in order to be able to protect your PC from Aartemis.com and other threats like Aartemis.com.

How the Several Issues Linked to Aartemis.com May Affect Your Computer

In the following list, malware researchers have enumerated many of the issues and other problems that victims have reported in association with Aartemis.com. If you are encountering any of the issues in the list below, this probably means that a Potentially Unwanted Program (usually abbreviated with the letters PUP) linked to Aartemis.com is present on your PC. These types of PUPs should be removed at once and then a reliable anti-malware program should be used to scan the affected PC to ensure that no potentially unsafe content or threat has entered it as a consequence of Aartemis.com pop-ups and redirects.

  • Aartemis.com may be set as the victim's homepage.
  • Aartemis.com may be set as the victim's default search engine. The affected browser's settings are changed without alerting the victim.
  • Redirects to the Aartemis.com website and to similar content may appear when the victim tries to access unrelated online content.
  • Various types of advertisements and marketing material associated with Aartemis.com may show up on the victim's browser. These may appear even on Web pages that are completely unrelated to Aartemis.com.
  • Aartemis.com redirects and other issues may usually be accompanied with the unauthorized installation of a PUP, usually taking the form of a Web browser toolbar or extension.
  • Web browsers affected by content related to Aartemis.com may often crash, freeze or slow down noticeably. These performance issues may be present on the entire PC, not limited only to the affected Web browser.
  • Aartemis.com redirects may cause your Internet connectivity to slow down significantly. Aartemis.com redirects may cause websites to take a much longer time to load than normal, and in many cases they won't even load at all.

Technical Information

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File System Details

Aartemis.com creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 %APPDATA%\aartemis\aartemis.exe 2eee15b1927eadff45013e94b0cb0d94 N/A
2 QQBrowserFrame.dll N/A
3 C:\Windows\Assembly\tmp\U N/A
4 C:\Windows\Assembly\tmp\U\80000032.$ N/A
5 C:\Windows\Assembly\tmp\[RANDOM].exe N/A
6 C:\Windows\Assembly\tmp\[RANDOM].dll N/A
7 C:\Windows\Assembly\tmp\kwrd.dll N/A
8 %Window%\system32\[RANDOM].exe N/A
9 %AppData%\[RANDOM].exe N/A
10 %Temp%\[RANDOM NUMBERS].exe N/A

Registry Details

Aartemis.com creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask
%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\aartemis.xml
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\aartemis.xml
Registry key
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\aartemis.com
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\aartemis.com
aartemis Browser Protecter

More Details on Aartemis.com

The following URL's were found:
Tip: We recommend blocking the domain names as well as the IP addresses associated with them.
  • aartemis.com/?type=sc&ts=[TIMESTAMP]&from=tugs&uid=[HARDWARE ID]

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