How To Use SpyHunter’s Internet Explorer Homepage Protection

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SpyHunter's Internet Explorer Homepage Protection feature contains advanced functionality designed to prevent malware from hijacking your desired Internet Explorer homepage.
"Internet Explorer Homepage Protection" settings will generally be configured the first time that you run SpyHunter, but can be modified, activated, or deactivated at any time through SpyHunter's "Network Sentry" panel.
To activate or deactivate Internet Explorer Homepage Protection, just click the "Activate Internet Explorer Homepage Protection" checkbox. You can select between the three radio button options in the dialog to set your default homepage. The following radio button options are:

  • The "Use" radio button will allow you to type in (or copy and paste) the URL of any page to use as your default homepage. This box will be automatically pre-filled with whatever your Internet Explorer default homepage is currently set to. To set the default homepage in this manner, just click on the "Use" radio button to select it and type (or copy and paste) the desired URL into the box at the right.
  • The "Select homepage" radio button will allow you to quickly select MSN, Google, or Yahoo as your default homepage. Just click the "Select homepage" radio button to select it, and choose from one of the websites in the select list at the right.
  • Alternatively, you can simply set your default homepage to a default blank page. Do so by simply clicking the "Use Blank" radio button.

When you have selected a default homepage using one of the mechanisms above, simply click the "Apply" button (12) to save the settings!
Please note: Once Internet Explorer Homepage Protection is activated, SpyHunter will continue to enforce your IE homepage settings, based on the selection that you have made in SpyHunter. If you desire to change your homepage, you MUST change it within SpyHunter for it to be effectively applied. If you modify your IE homepage directly within Internet Explorer, SpyHunter will automatically reset it to the URL that you have previously specified.

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