How To Use SpyHunter's Exclusions Manager

In isolated cases, SpyHunter may detect programs that you do not desire to remove. SpyHunter's Exclusions Manager will allow you to exclude individual programs from being identified in future SpyHunter scans.

To access the Exclusions Manager, just click on the "SpyHunter Scanner" drop-down menu when the "SpyHunter Scanner" tab is active and select "Exclusions Manager."

To add an item to your exclusions list, simply right-click on it in the "SpyHunter Scanner" results and select "Add Item to Exclusions."

In order to remove an item from your exclusions list, click the checkbox to the left of the item's name in the "Exclusions List" and then click the "Remove From Exclusions" button. The next time you scan with SpyHunter, this item will be detected and displayed in your results. You can also click the "Check All Items" checkbox to select all items in your exclusions list.