How To Use SpyHunter 5's DNS Protection

When you attempt to connect to a URL, your PC will contact a DNS server to resolve the domain name (such as "") to an IP address. This resolved IP address allows your computer to connect to the requested website.

One particularly compromising trick employed by Trojan and malware creators is to replace your DNS servers with their own rogue DNS servers.

If a malicious program inserts its own rogue DNS server into your settings, it can easily and transparently redirect you to a phishing or malware website, when you believe that you are on a legitimate site. The address displayed in your browser will look legitimate, but the website that you are actually browsing can be a fake! This can potentially lead to identity theft, credit card and banking fraud, password theft, privacy violation and other risks.

SpyHunter 5's DNS Protection feature is designed to monitor your DNS servers and notify you if they are modified. SpyHunter 5 also gives you the ability to lock your DNS settings to use popular public DNS providers (such as Google and OpenDNS) or custom DNS servers (such as those provided by your Internet Service Provider).

To enable "DNS Protection," click on the "Settings" menu item in the SpyHunter 5 main window. In the "Settings" window that appears, click the "DNS" tab. To activate "DNS Protection," select the "Activate DNS Protection" checkbox.

If you have more than one network adapter installed on your system, each network adapter will be displayed on this screen. You can select each network adapter and independently configure its settings.

When you have selected the network adapter that you would like to configure, use the radio buttons at the right of the dialog to choose which DNS settings you would like to lock your system to.

Note: Please click the "Apply" button, at the bottom right of the "DNS" tab, to finalize any changes that you have made to DNS settings.

Note: Some ISPs and corporate network administrators may require you to use their specific DNS settings (either through DHCP or through the "custom DNS servers" options). If you are not sure which settings to use, please consult your Internet Service Provider (or corporate network administrator).

We encourage registered SpyHunter 5 users to contact our support department for assistance in managing DNS settings.

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