Why Does SpyHunter Display 'Unable to Restore your Security Settings...' Message?

You may receive the following message 'Unable to restore your security settings. It is possible a malevolent program has locked these settings on your computer' from SpyHunter. This message does not necessarily mean that you are infected by a virus or by a parasite. This message may appear when another program like an anti-virus or a firewall program that provides security capibilities for your system is locking your windows security settings.

If SpyHunter displays the 'Unable to restore your security settings...' message and you then decide to run a scan on your computer and no malware files are detected, it can mean two possible scenarios: either your computer has no malware files or you are infected with an advanced threat like a rootkit which has the ability to hide its files from anti-spyware programs.
If your computer does not display pop-ups, your internet explorer home page is not hijacked or your computer does not randomly freeze, it is likely that your computer is not infected with malware.

If you want to be extra cautious and you feel that your computer is infected with malware, log in to the "My Account" page and open a customer support ticket with the detailed description of the problem and send us a support log. We will be able to tell you if your computer is infected or not and, if so, what kind infection you have gotten and what is the best remedy.

To stop SpyHunter from displaying the 'Unable to restore your security settings...' message, you only have to check the box 'Do not display this message again', located on the bottom of the security message window.