How to Fix Runtime Errors

Runtime errors are caused by corrupted files either from the Windows Operating System or from SpyHunter. If you are experiencing a runtime error when you try to run or upgrade SpyHunter, please follow the instructions below to perform a clean re-installation of SpyHunter. Most runtime errors can be fixed just by uninstalling and re-installing the current installation of SpyHunter.

In order to fix the runtime error problem, you need to perform three steps: uninstall the current version of SpyHunter, delete the SpyHunter folder, and re-install SpyHunter.

How to Uninstall SpyHunter

To uninstall SpyHunter, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the "Start" or Windows logo button on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  2. Click on "Control Panel" or "Settings," and then "Control Panel."
  3. In the "Control Panel," double-click "Add or Remore Programs," if you are using Windows XP, or "Programs" if you are using Windows Vista.
  4. In the list of programs that appears, find any mentions of SpyHunter. Then click the "SpyHunter" item once. A button that says "Remove" or "Change/Remove" will appear below the item. Click this button.
  5. Go through the uninstaller, making sure to select the "Uninstall" option.
  6. Repeat step #4 for any other versions of SpyHunter in your program list, under "Add or Remore Programs" if you are using Windows XP, or "Programs" if you are using Windows Vista.
  7. Close the "Add/Remove Programs" window, and the "Control Panel."
  8. Check on your "Desktop" if all the SpyHunter icons were deleted. If not, please delete all the remaining SpyHunter icons, such as "spyhunterFULL.exe," "SpyHunterS.exe," "SpyHunter," or any other icon that is related to SpyHunter.

How to Delete SpyHunter Folder

The next step is to find and delete the SpyHunter folder. Please follow the instructions below to delete the SpyHunter directory.

  1. On your "Desktop" or under the "Start" menu, click on "My Computer."
  2. Open "Local Drive(C:)."
  3. Under "Local Drive(C:)," double click the folder "Program Files," double click "Enigma Software Group."
  4. Then delete the folder called "SpyHunter," by right-clicking the folder and choosing "Delete."

Now that you have uninstalled SpyHunter and deleted its folder, please reboot your computer before you re-download and re-install SpyHunter.

Re-Download and Re-Install SpyHunter

After the reboot is complete, please go to "How to Download SpyHunter" and "How to Install SpyHunter" to download and install SpyHunter.

Make sure that you DO NOT re-use any remaining installation file but re-download the SpyHunter installation file one again.