Why are Cookies Re-Occurring on Every SpyHunter 5 Scan?

SpyHunter 5's "Privacy Issues" scan tab displays a list of cookies detected on your system that have been determined by EnigmaSoft to represent potential online privacy issues. At your option, you may wish to remove these objects to help maintain your online privacy.

Depending on your web browser settings and/or your computer habits, cookies are continually created (or recreated) and updated as you surf the web. For this reason, cookies may reappear in the SpyHunter 5 "Privacy" scan section even if you have previously removed them.

The issues and implications created by cookies have been the subject of debate with various technology experts holding the view that cookies are technically not malware by themselves. A number of websites commonly use cookies for various reasons, which may include tracking user behavior. Therefore, SpyHunter 5 identifies and can remove certain cookies, at the user's option. When you remove cookies with SpyHunter 5, the tracking information stored in the cookie (which may be retrieved by the company that set the cookie) is deleted. If you revisit the website that originally set the cookie, the website may re-create the cookie, even if you have previously removed the cookie with SpyHunter 5. This is why you may see recurring cookies in your SpyHunter 5 scans.

If you do not want to see cookies in future scan results, you have the option to disable the "Privacy" scan by checking the "Disable Privacy Scan" checkbox, located at the bottom of the "Privacy" scan results tab. This setting can also be managed in SpyHunter 5's "Settings" menu.

If you are a paying subscriber experiencing recurring cookies, please do not send us a Diagnostic Report. Should you need any further assistance or clarifications, please feel free to contact us via the Spyware HelpDesk.

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